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How can you use a gamma-ray spectrometer under a drone?

The Medusa gamma-ray spectrometers have become the standard for drone-borne mapping soil and geology. For a successful application of these gamma-ray spectrometers, it is important that the sensor gives absolute values concentrations of the radionuclides in the soil. Our most recent research paper describes how drone-borne gamma-ray can be corrected for the height of measurement. The […]

Vacature voor een Full stack technical software engineer

Ben jij een licht-eigenwijze “uitvinder” (V/M) met een sterke achtergrond en opleiding in de IT? Bij Medusa Radiometrics BV word jij onderdeel van een klein, hecht en multi-disciplinair team dat enthousiast werkt aan de ontwikkeling van high-end sensortechnologie. Onze sensoren worden ter land, ter zee en vliegend gebruikt om allerlei bodemeigenschappen in kaart te brengen. […]

Improved new version of MS-1200

Medusa’s gamma spectrometers are used worldwide to map soil and sediments. Due to the rapidly growing demand for sediment mapping surveys, Medusa Radiometrics invests in making the underwater gamma-ray spectrometers more manageable and more efficient. The sensor will be made autonomous, and we will develop technology to allow the sensor to communicate wirelessly with the […]

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Towards Drone-borne Gammaray Surveing

Recently we finished a first series of flight tests of our “drone-borne” gamma-ray sensor. To answer to the increasing demand for drone-borne sensing systems, we decided almost a year ago, to start the development of a lightweight and rugged version of our gamma-ray detection systems; the “drone detector”. The aim of the project is to […]

Underwater mapping of sediments

In recent years, laws and regulations in the field of ecology became more strict due to public pressure. Therefore, the discharge of fines during dredging and land reclamation works and its impact on seafloor habitats is an important aspect in environmental impact assessments.

Multi sensor system for farmland in Spain

To increase the (financial) yield of Spanish farmers on low-yielding rainfed soils, a EU LIFE+ project ‘Crops for better soil’ was initiated. The aim was to improve the soil itself by applying several agronomic measures and by better understanding the soil. To this purpose Medusa developed an efficient and effective soil sensing system on a […]