The Medusa Institute is here!

As a high tech company, research and development is at the very heart of what we do. Over the past 20 years, we have invested heavily in radiometric research and product development – investments in projects that almost always include collaborations with research institutes, universities and colleague companies. In all these R&D collaborations, sharing knowledge has been the most important key to success! We love the “European” approach of not being afraid of sharing technological insights with our business partners or even with our competitors – at the end we all benefit!

As a next step in this collaborative effort, we have decided to start “The Medusa Institute” – most prominently visible as a website opening up our R&D ecosystem to the world, but also a placeholder for the R&D research programs we participate in. The site will be updated regularly with new “best practices”, “how-to’s”, whitepapers and product information. The site also has a shielded part that is accessible to our clients, containing detailed product information, manuals etc.

So go out and check out our new wiki site today!  The WIKI button in the menu above takes you there too.

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