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Gamma-ray spectrometers

Enrich your business with the best gamma-ray spectrometer around. Easy to use, light-weight generation gamma-ray sensors for mining, agriculture, roads and radiation safety. The gamma-ray sensors can be used on cars, boats, planes, quads and even drones.

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Software and service

A sensor just by itself? Doesn’t make sense. To get the maximum results we support you with smart software that analyzes gamma-ray data. Our services include fixing sensors anywhere in the world, professional calibrating and support with whitepapers and sample data sets.

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The close collaboration with the Center for Advanced Radiation Technology of the University of Groningen ensures that Medusa keeps up with the latest developments from the scientific world.


We don’t sell. We deliver. Our support is excellent and worldwide. You can count on us, wherever you are. And yes, we fly to any place to fix a sensor, no matter how remote it is. We support your business.

Hospitality Room

Our Hospitality Room is your academy when it comes to sensing. Get access to our exclusive client Wiki with whitepapers, peer-reviewed papers, Q&A, product folders, software for download, and sample datasets to play with.

State of the Art Sensing Systems, Excellent Service

Lightweight, easy to use gammaspectrometers for mining, agriculture and radiation research.

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