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Your business is our concern. We don’t just sell. We deliver. To get the maximum result out of sensing technology, we combine state of the art sensors with innovative software and excellent service.


Medusa gamma-ray spectrometers are the best sensors you’ll find in the field.  Built with solid European quality, innovative high-speed digital multichannel analyzers, rugged PMT’s and modern crystal types. Our spectrometers are integrated, tested and perfectly calibrated by our team of highly qualified professionals.

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Our software analyzes gamma-ray survey data by using smart fitting algorithms to extract all information possible out of the gamma-ray spectra. Not only to calculate nuclide concentrations. Also to correct the data. For borehole properties, for elevation, for cosmics, for radon.

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We support you to develop your business by delivering state of the art gammaspectrometer solutions. Medusa is at the frontline of the development of sensoring systems, having helped many companies in starting new business using our state of the art gammaspectrometers and excellent service.

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“We use Medusa’s gamma ray sensors every day on the road. In fact, we largely thank our expanding business to Medusa’s sensors and software!

Great products, great service!”